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Behavioral Health News
A monthly newsletter to showcase all of the programs that have been developed over the last several years, as well as existing programs that provide services to the residents of Orange County
Cover - CCi E-News CCi E-News
A publication of the Community Colleges Initiative of the Alcohol & Drug Education & Prevention Team (ADEPT); providing high-risk drinking prevention strategies and resources for students, staff and administrators of Orange County community colleges.
Cover - CD Connection CD Connection
Information about emerging diseases, diseases with updated reporting or testing recommendations, agents of bioterrorism, and resources available to you.
Cover - CUPA Connection CUPA Connection
CUPA Connection provides helpful up-to-date information and news to generators of hazardous waste and owner/operators of underground storage tanks within the jurisdiction of Orange County.
Cover - Eye on Influenza Eye on Influenza
Current summaries of seasonal influenza activity and updates on avian and pandemic influenza are found in the Eye on Influenza newsletter.
cover-keepingsharp Keeping Sharp
Medical Waste newsletter published to provide general guidance, information and updates on issues that will assist the medical community in complying with the statutory requirements of the Medical Waste Management Act.

Our+Care OC
Our+Care OC is a newsletter developed by HIV-positive individuals to share information and resources for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Orange County.
OC In+Care
OC In+Care is a newsletter for HIV service providers. The newsletter provides information and resources that will help clinicians provide optimal care for their HIV-positive patients.

Cover - Prevention Connection
Prevention Connection
A quarterly newsletter designed to showcase the successful alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention work being done in Orange County.
Cover - Recovery Connections Recovery Connections
Recovery Connections is a newsletter that is distributed quarterly by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) office to County Behavioral Health Services staff and consumers.
Cover - SCIP E-News SCIP E-News
STD Community Interventions Program (SCIP): A program of the CA Department of Public Health STD Control Branch
 Cover - Tay Tips Tay Tips
Our goal is to provide clinicians with a variety of practical resources that may assist with increasing the success rate of transitioning our TAY clients into adulthood. (archive only)
What's Up
An informational bulletin distributed monthly to Health Care Agency staff. Contains tributes to employees, tips for the workplace, program news, and other helpful directives and information for employees. What’s Up is now distributed exclusively through Agency Email and online.