Demographics / Outcomes

YOW Demographics/Outcome Data

FY 10/11

The following graphs and data provide information about the 196 consumers YOW served during fiscal year 2010-2011.

Gender—The majority of the consumers served by YOW (175) are male. The remaining 21 are female.


Age—Most consumers, 80%, range in age from 18 through 24, with the remaining 20% percent ranging in age from 16 to 17 years old. None of the consumers served were younger than age 16.


Ethnicity—Although a majority of YOW’s consumers are Hispanic and Caucasian, the program serves youth of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Generally, the preferred language of consumers tends to be English regardless of ethnic or cultural background.


Education—NOTE: The educational data for this population during FY 10/11 are skewed due to the special circumstances of consumers prior to their entry into YOW. Many consumers enroll in the YOW program before they exit Juvenile Hall where attending school is mandatory. Therefore, the number of consumers attending school the year prior to enrollment does not accurately represent the consumer’s typical school attendance history. It is expected that the 100% attendance before entering the program will drop when the consumers are in the community again. For future updates, YOW is working on new methods to present more accurate and meaningful data regarding school attendance.

Employment—Prior to enrollment in YOW, 16.3% of consumers had been employed. Since enrollment, about 45% of the consumers have been employed.


Housing and Homelessness—In the year prior to enrollment, 12 (6%) consumers were in emergency shelters, temporary housing or homeless. Since enrollment in YOW, 5 (3%) consumers were homeless or in a shelter.


Dual Diagnosis—A diagnosis of both mental illness and substance abuse was present in 80% of the consumers served by YOW during the 10/11 fiscal year.


Psychiatric Hospitalizations—One of YOW’s goals is to reduce the number of consumers psychiatrically hospitalized. Before being enrolled in YOW, 12 consumers were hospitalized for at least one day. After enrollment, that number was reduced to 8.


Incarceration Episodes—Another YOW goal is to reduce incarcerations. In the twelve months prior to enrollment, 187 out of 196 consumers, or 95%, were incarcerated. Since enrollment, 62 out of 196 YOW consumers were re-incarcerated.