CORE (Foster Youth Services)

Matrix of Interagency Programs Program Profiles

Program Name CORE (Foster Youth Services)
Program Description:
Purpose/Mission of Program Serve the educational needs of group home placed foster youth
Target Population Group home foster youth residing in Orange County
Eligibility Requirements Orange County dependents or wards of the court residing in group homes.
Income requirements None
How referrals are made to the program The youth's social worker or probation officer makes a referral for case reviews and educational liaison services.
Program Capacity Varies depending on the service.
Primary Services Provided CORE provides educational information to the Social Services Agency and Probation Department. This information is used to update the Health and Education Passport and provide social workers and probation officers with students' educational status. Educational information may include grades, credits completed, immunizations and IEP if applicable. Weekly case reviews are conducted of group home youth at risk for school failure. Two educational liaisons assist youth with educational and/or vocational services to support successful high school graduation and career goals.
Contact Information:
Name, phone, email Deana Mulkerin Phone: (714) 560-0571 Email: