Families and Communities Together (FaCT)

Matrix of Interagency Programs Program Profiles

Program Name Families and Communities Together (FaCT) 
Program Description:
Purpose/Mission of Program That all our children grow up in stable, nurturing families, and safe, supportive communities, which promote healthy development and provide opportunities for children, youth, and adults to achieve their full potential as caring, responsible, and productive members of society.
Target Population Children and their families who live within the County of Orange
Eligibility Requirements Programs within the collaboratives have a variety of eligibility requirements; the ethic of FaCT is to be inclusive
Income Requirements None
How referrals are made to the program Individuals may contact the FaCT collaboratives directly or go to the FaCT web page to find out more about the collaborative nearest you.
Program Capacity In the last 4 years, over 50,000 clients have been enrolled in the client database. The actual capacity differs by programs within the collaboratives.
Primary Services Provided Counseling; parenting education; family advocacy/case management support services; domestic violence prevention & treatment; community resources and referrals; comprehensive case management team.
The FaCT collaboratives
Contact Information:
Name, phone For more information, please call (714) 566-2878      
Fax: (714) 566-2868
Web Page http://www.factoc.org