Juvenile Drug Court

Matrix of Interagency Programs Program Profiles

Program Name Juvenile Drug Court
Program Description:
Purpose/Mission of Program To train juvenile offenders to live a clean, sober and law abiding life-style
Target Population Adolescents 13-18 who have been in trouble with the law, primarily due to actions linked with illicit substance abuse.
Eligibility Requirements Juveniles on Probation who have substance abuse problems. Clients are not eligible if they have been convicted of a violent weapons offense, a sex offense, major drug sales, or a first degree residential burglary. Program is not open to minors in placement.
Income requirements None
How referrals are made to the program Referrals can come from the Courts, attorneys, Probation, CEGU, or other sources. The initial referral is made by phone to the Juvenile Drug Court Probation Officer, who establishes eligibility. Eligible clients are presented to the Juvenile Drug Court collaborative team and the minor is scheduled to observe the Court proceedings. An HCA psychologist then performs a Suitability Assessment. It is a comprehensive Psychological Screening Battery that is designed to identify client's capacity to comply with the program guidelines and to determine if the minor has any special needs that require intervention.
Program Capacity The program is expected to have capacity for about 80 minors.
Primary Services Provided Juvenile Drug Court services include: Individual Therapy; group therapy; drug testing; case management; family therapy; parent support groups; community supervision by Probation staff; close monitoring by the Court, including a program of regular consequences and incentives related to program performance. Community recreational activities are also provided.
Contact Information:
Name, phone, email Anita Vermund, Ph.D. 714-935-6307 Avermund@ochca.com