Alcohol Liaison Office (ALO)

The Court orders approximately 14,000 defendants to an alcohol program each year. The Health Care Agency provides referral services through the Alcohol Liaison Office for alcohol programs and provides the Court with notices of enrollment, progress and completion. The ALO also provides referrals for victim impact panels, if ordered by the court, and monitors attendance. ALOs can provide authorized drug diversion program information to defendants if requested.
ALO staff are not Court staff. While they are able to answer questions about a defendant’s referral or program status, they are not able to alter court orders, provide extensions or authorize referrals to programs other than what is ordered by the Court.
The ALO staff may be able to answer general questions over the phone; however, please note that no transactions can be processed over the telephone. If you need a referral, reinstatement, transfer, help with questions about out of county/out of state orders or have to provide a status report, please proceed to your nearest ALO location. Confidential information will not be discussed over the phone.