Children & Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH)

Children and Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH) provides a broad range of services for behaviorally, emotionally or mentally disordered children and adolescents which include evaluation, therapy, medication management, crisis intervention and collateral services to parents and families. Referral for hospitalization or residential treatment, consultation to schools and other agencies, coordination with private and public services and case management for those placed in hospitals or other 24-hour settings are also provided. CYBH services are provided through outpatient clinics, residential programs, crisis services, full service partnerships (FSP), and specialized services. These programs are listed below. For more information about any CYBH program, please call OCLinks at (855) OC-LINKS.


Presumptive Transfer Notification call CYBH Administration at (714) 834-5015

Presumptive Transfer Notifications email CYBH Administration using the following email link: