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Juvenile Health Services


Juvenile Health Services (JHS) is dedicated to providing quality health care services to youth within the County of Orange youth correctional and shelter facilities. Our mission is to provide healthcare with respect, compassion and integrity through a culture of teamwork and accountability.

About Us

JHS - a division of the Health Care Agency’s Correctional Health Services, provides medical, nursing, dental and pharmaceutical services to youth housed in Social Services Agency's (SSA's) Orangewood Children and Family Center, and OC Probation juvenile facilities. The three facilities are Juvenile Hall , Youth Guidance Center and Youth Leadership Academy.

The Orangewood Children and Family Center is an emergency shelter home and is operated by SSA with juvenile court authority. OCFC uses a 21st century cognitive behavioral model to assist youth with social skills while at OCFC. JHS provides medical care screening for all youth brought to OCFC and provides continuing health care services while the child resides at OCFC.

JHS has a written contract with local hospitals to provide specialty medical services for youth housed in our facilities. These services include specialty consultations, treatment services and in-patient care. JHS also has a licensed pharmacy to meet patient needs. Mental Health services are provided by HCA’s Children and Youth Mental Health and Recovery Services Clinical Evaluation Guidance Unit .

What We Do

JHS provides Registered and Licensed Vocational Nursing staff at all facilities. Physician and nurse practitioner coverage is provided Monday-Friday and on an on-call basis. During the intake process, each youth is screened by a Registered Nurse and the level of on-going care needed and provided is established.

Roles and Responsibilities

Medical services provided by JHS at OC Probation facilities are governed by standards and requirements as set forth by the State of California Board of State and Community Corrections through Title 15.

Orangewood Children and Family Center is governed by standards as set forth by Community Care Licensing, as a group home, through Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations. In collaboration with OC Probation and SSA, JHS is responsible for ensuring medical and dental services are provided to youth within these facilities.

In addition to the guidelines for juvenile housing and handling, Title 15 is very specific as to the health care services that are to be provided to youth, housed within juvenile facilities. The health care services provided by JHS meet Title 15 requirements are follow standards set forth by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

HCA operates under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OC Probation and SSA. The roles and responsibilities of each department are specifically outlined in the MOUs, which are drafted to help ensure each youth receives healthcare as prescribed by law, established procedures and the community standard of care.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our JHS team, please contact Juvenile Hall Medical Unit at (714) 935-7160 or OCFC Medical Unit at (714) 935-6440.