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Yale Transitional Center

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The Yale Transitional Center is intended to provide shelter, meals, sanitary facilities and access to case management, employment and housing assistance, healthcare, mental health services and substance abuse treatment among other supportive services and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness. The program will serve up to 425 individuals experiencing homelessness currently accessing shelter and supportive services at the Courtyard Transitional Center in Santa Ana. Providing emergency shelter and access to wrap around supportive services will assist individuals experiencing homelessness in the Central Service Planning Area in accessing the appropriate resources to improve their overall health and stability. Establishing the Yale Transitional Center will meet a critical need for individuals experiencing homelessness as well as the broader community, while also addressing a pressing social issue that is deeply affecting local businesses and neighborhoods. The overall purpose of the program is to connect individuals experiencing homelessness to supportive services and to achieve permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

Management and Operations Plan

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Yale Transitional Center Plan Map

Yale Transitional Center Ops Plan Map

    Agenda Staff Reports


    When is the Yale Transitional Center scheduled to open?
    Based on the current project schedule, the construction of the improvements should be completed by January 2021. The facility should be opened thereafter in late winter or early spring of 2021.

    What is the current status of this project?
    The Orange County Board of Supervisors (BOS) adopted a ground lease at their November 19, 2019 public meeting, pursuant to which HomeAid and C.W. Driver will complete the improvements necessary for the operation of the Yale Transitional Center.

    Will there be additional outreach to the surrounding community?
    To uphold the Good Neighbor Policy, the Shelter Operator (once selected through a competitive process) will regularly be engaging in community outreach, seeking input from the neighbors of the Yale Transitional Center.

    What is the security plan to keep residents and their friends and/or family out of our alleys?
    The Yale Transitional Center will provide 24-hour security to enforce strict No Walk-Up, No Walk-Out, and No Loitering policies. The program will support transportation of clients in and out of the Transitional Center.

    Security on the inside looks good, but what about the outside? Where is Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) going to take over?
    The Yale Transitional Center will provide 24-hour security to monitor the area within a quarter-mile radius of the Transitional Center. Because the building is located within the City of Santa Ana, for any illegal activity in and around the building, and area surrounding the program, the Santa Ana Police Department is the authority responsible for law enforcement response. Neighbors may report an issue by calling the Shelter Security or by calling the Santa Ana Police Department.

    As this project moves along it appears that it will require coordination with the City of Santa Ana. What is anticipated in that regard and when?
    The County of Orange hopes to experience a constructive relationship with the City of Santa Ana and will continue to carefully consider the City's input through the development and operation of the Yale Transitional Center.

    Eventually, as I read the County Ordinance because of the 425-bed facility, it will require more than a "use permit." Is that correct?
    No use permit or other similar permit is required for the Yale Transitional Center.

    Has a budget been established for the project?
    A budget for the construction of the improvements was approved by the Orange County Board of Supervisors on November 19, 2019. The budgeted project cost is $25,275,703 with a 12-month construction period.

    One of the problems many of the commercial landowners in the area have raised is that the information on the project has been limited. Will there be a better outreach or update/newsletter with regards to keeping the community informed? Or sufficient information provided on the website etc. Much of problems I have heard about have little to do with the project per se and more to do with not knowing what is going on as well as current problems not even associated with this project. So will there be a constant update of information on the project?
    Yes, information on the development of the Yale Transitional Center has been and will continue to be provided to the public. A dedicated page for the Yale Transitional Center has been created on the Office of Care Coordination website where up-to-date information regarding the planning, development, and operations of the Transitional Center is being provided as it becomes available.

    Is it anticipated that a community advisory group would be formed to participate in the process? If not, I would suggest it would go a long way to making this project run smoothly.
    The Management and Operational Plan contains provisions related to a Good Neighbor policy, which ensures the selected provider engages with the surrounding businesses and is responsive to any impacts of the program once operational.

    Traffic throughout the day. Peak times 5:45 a.m. and trucking throughout the day. How do we know you won't change the model to Walk-In, Walk-Out? What will be done to increase security in the area?
    The Yale Transitional Center upholds a strict No Walk-Up policy, which is reflected in the Management and Operations Plan. The Management and Operations Plan also contains security provisions, including 24-hour security patrol within a quarter-mile perimeter of the Yale Transitional Center. No changes or modifications to the Management and Operations Plan will take place without further action by the Orange County Board of Supervisors at a public meeting.

    Why does the land need to be leased out to HomeAid during the construction period?
    HomeAid is coordinating and managing the construction. 

    Why doesn't the County simply construct the Yale facility and then choose an operator in the future?
    That is what is occurring. The County of Orange is having the improvements constructed through the lease with HomeAid, and an operator will be determined through a competitive bid process. 

    How was HomeAid chosen without a Request for Proposals process?
    HomeAid is a nationwide nonprofit who is experienced in the coordination of construction for homeless shelters. It is their involvement that has resulted in C.W. Driver being the contractor on the project. Through HomeAid's involvement, the County of Orange is able to drive down the anticipated cost of the improvements and project schedule. Due to the involvement of a nonprofit and the cost savings to the County, a Request for Proposals is not required.

    Is HomeAid the best choice?  I see the cost comparison and the speed comparisons, but have you spoken to others?
    The County of Orange is not aware of another nonprofit with the willingness or experience to manage such a large-scale project and deliver it at a cost savings.  HomeAid Orange County spearheaded the Family CareCenter, in the City of Orange, which opened in the Spring of 2017.  The Family CareCenter provides 56 beds, serving 10-15 families per day. Renovations and improvements included 4,000 square feet of housing, a Learning Technology Center, a client intake area for referral services, an outdoor recreation area, a kitchen and dining area, six full bathrooms with showers and laundry facilities, and more.

    How was the $25M price tag associated with the construction costs arrived at and what guidelines were HomeAid given when coming up with its cost estimates?
    The County of Orangecompleted the initial basis of design independent from HomeAid and arrived at a construction cost of over $30 million for the County of Orange to complete the improvements.  

    The County's Agenda Staff Report indicates that since the County owns this land, that it is "not subject to the development and operational standards for shelters in the City" and that "the site is available for the County's desired homeless transitional center use regardless of the land use designation and zoning, including development and operational standards." How does the County reconcile not utilizing its own County owned land elsewhere in the County such as the Irvine 100-acres while moving forward with this project?
    The Yale Street property was identified by the City of Santa Ana as suitable for the replacement of the temporary Courtyard Transitional Center in the Santa Ana Civic Center. The Yale Transitional Shelter, as a purely governmental use, is exempt from city zoning restrictions.

    Is the County making any major improvements to The Courtyard during the more than 1-year it will take to get this site ready? 
    The County of Orange will perform general maintenance and upkeep on the Courtyard Transitional Center location; but no major improvements will be done in advance of the relocation of the operation to the Yale location.