HPP Advisory Committee

The Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) receives an annual federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant, funded by the Assistant Secretary for Prevention and Response (ASPR) and awarded through the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for healthcare facilities to develop and maintain disaster preparedness activities, as outlined in the annual CDPH guidance documents.

The HPP began in 2003, focusing primarily on hospital preparedness and the cache of equipment and supplies. Beginning with the Fiscal Year 2005-2006 HPP Grant guidance, CDPH recommended counties expand overarching grant requirements and partnership/coalitions to ensure a comprehensive health systems approach with regards to preparing for major disasters and ensuring readiness for responding to emergencies. In 2009, HCA’s Health Disaster Management (HDM) Division formed the HPP Advisory Committee.

The mission of the HPP Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations to the Health Care Agency’s HPP Program Manager, Health Disaster Management Division, and Health Officer for the identification, prioritization, administration, development, and implementation of projects which support emergency readiness within a system-wide regional response network.

The HPP Advisory Committee will provide the forum for coordinated, collaborative efforts by multijurisdictional, multi-disciplined representatives from the healthcare system.

HPP Meetings

HPP Advisory Committee meetings are held quarterly.

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 Minutes 01 22 2015 HPP Advisory Committee (213.9 KB)
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 Agenda 2014-04-25 HPP Advisory Committee (232.3 KB)
 Agenda 2014-01-23 HPP Advisory Committee (232.5 KB)
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 Agenda 2013-7-25 HPP Advisory Committee (233.5 KB)
 Agenda 2013-10-24 HPP Advisory Committee (232.2 KB)