Prepare Your Home & Workplace

Prepare Your Home & WorkplaceDevelop an emergency plan for your home and/or workplace and assemble a preparedness kit. Include evacuation plans, meeting locations, medical supplies, water, and food. Practice your plan to insure everyone in your family knows what to do in an emergency.

Personal preparation is perhaps the most important element for responding to a disaster or health emergency. Individuals, families, schools, community organizations and businesses are encouraged to develop plans and maintain emergency supplies at home, work and school. Creating an emergency plan allows one to take the important steps to ensure the safety and health of your family and individuals you encounter everyday at work, school, or church.

During an emergency, you will want to have easy access to health information for each member of your home or family. By writing this information down in advance, you will be able to give health care providers important information they may need to take care of a family member.

Developing a Home Care Guide or Emergency Plan

The Orange County Health Care Agency’s Home Health Care Guide, and the Business Planning Guide is a tool to help you prepare yourself, your family and your organization for a potential flu pandemic. This guide focuses on providing you with information to ensure that you have taken the correct measures in preparing your home and workplace.