Get Involved and Stay Informed

Stay InformedFind out what your city, workplace, schools, congregation and other community groups are doing to prepare for a disaster. Stay up to date on what is taking place in Orange County, the United States and the world.

During an emergency, public health officials may limit public gatherings, social events and non-essential travel for several days, or weeks, during a disaster or health emergency. Therefore, knowing the facts and having current and accurate information will increase your level of preparation.

Volunteer to enhance your ability to prepare and assist during an emergency. Volunteer with your local community groups such as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) or the American Red Cross (ARC) as they work to prepare for a disaster or health emergency, including a flu pandemic. Getting involved allows one to:

  • Become familiar with various aspect of general preparedness
  • Learn and share ideas on general preparedness
  • Increase awareness of resources and information on general preparedness
  • Enhance general preparedness by participating in community-wide exercises
  • Receive training available on preparedness through:
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
  • American Red Cross (ARC)

During an emergency, it will be important to monitor local television, radio, newspaper and websites to obtain current and accurate information. The Orange County Health Care Agency will provide current and accurate health related information and updates online as they become available. By staying informed, you will know:

  • If any activations, community recommendations, school closures or other health restrictions have been issued
  • Where to go for treatment
  • How emergency services will be coordinated
  • Where to volunteer

To learn more about what the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) is doing to prepare for a health emergency and how you can get involved in preparedness events, enroll as a member of the Health & Emergency Preparedness Planning Council (HEPPC). The council provides preparedness updates via email and meets quarterly to share best practices among community stakeholders. Visit the HEPPC website for more information or email us at