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Aedes aegypti mosquito.
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Dengue is a disease caused by one of four related viruses (Dengue 1-4) which are transmitted to people by Aedes mosquitoes.  Dengue is an increasing problem in the Americas and throughout the tropical and subtropical world.  There has been no locally acquired dengue in California but cases are reported every year in travelers returning from areas where dengue is circulating.  Travelers can protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites (See for tips).

Dengue is immediately reportable in Orange County.  To report a case, health care providers/facilities should call OCHCA Epidemiology at 714-834-8180.   Seven to 17 cases of dengue were reported each year in Orange County (all in returning travelers) between 2013 and 2017.

For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website

Last reviewed December 3, 2018

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