Health Policy & Communication

The Office of Health Policy and Communication (HPC) provides technical, communication and decision-making support to Agency management by coordinating planning, legislation, grants, research, and communications. The three service areas within HPC are:


Planning supports and promotes the planning and development efforts of HCA. This includes strategic planning, program planning, policy analysis, legislative planning and analysis, and grant search/application activities. Planning staff also facilitate interagency collaborative activities that promote the achievement of the HCA mission.

Public Information & Communications (PI&C)

PI&C supports, coordinates and promotes effective communication in presenting the strengths of our organization and its employees in an accurate and timely manner. Examples of communications include:

  • Media Liaison
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Print Materials
  • Internet/Intranet Development
  • Multimedia Production


Research supports and coordinates the development and dissemination of accurate information. We consult and collaborate with all divisions of HCA, other County Agencies and a wide range of community organizations. Examples of research activities include:

  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping
  • Program Evaluation/Performance Monitoring
  • Protocol/Study Methodology Reviews
  • Report Writing and Review
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Survey Research

For more on Health Policy and Communication, see the HCA Employee Intranet Site.