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Meningococcal Disease Reported in Los Angeles MSM Population/Recommendations for Orange County Residents - Medical AdvisoryApril 11, 2014
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported a cluster of invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) among men who have sex with men (MSM), and is recommending meningococcal vaccination for Los Angeles County residents who are either HIV-positive MSM or HIV-negative MSM whose activities place them at higher risk for infection. Based on the current situation, and after consultation with the California Department of Public Health, Orange County Public Health is recommending meningococcal vaccination be offered to all HIV-positive MSM who socialize regularly in Los Angeles County as well as all MSM (regardless of HIV status) who regularly have close or intimate contact with multiple partners or who seek partners through the use of digital applications (“apps”), particularly those who share cigarettes/marijuana or use illegal drugs.

Mercury Poisoning Linked to Use of Face Cream - Medical AdvisoryApril 7, 2014
Mercury poisoning has recently been related to face cream products that are homemade or imported from Mexico and used to lighten skin, fade freckles and age spots, and treat wrinkles and acne. As of April 7, one case of mercury poisoning has been confirmed in Orange County.

Measles Outbreak in Orange County MMR Vaccine Highly RecommendedMarch 27, 2014
Orange County has twenty-one confirmed cases of measles in 2014, the most reported by any county in California. The Health Care Agency expects that the measles outbreak will continue to spread, and reminds the public that the best way to prevent the measles is by getting vaccinated.


Certain communicable diseases are required to be reported to the local health department (see List of Reportable Diseases) as per the State of California Code of Regulations. Epidemiology and Assessment (E&A) unit's medical directors, public health nurses, and epidemiologists investigate individual cases and outbreaks of reported communicable diseases. We monitor disease trends, and often provide current statistics and other information to doctors, hospitals, the public and news media. We may also provide education or preventive treatment in some circumstances. Although other units handle reports of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), we do monitor their trends in Orange County.

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