BHS Medi-Cal Provider Information

Consumer Handbook - Guide to Medi-Cal Mental Health Services


This guide will help you know what specialty mental health services are, if you may get them, and how you can get help from the Orange County MHP.

For general information and accessibility issues please call:

Orange County Mental Health Plan

Phone: 800-723-8641
For TTY/TDD users, call 711


This guide is also available (MP3 audio format) in four languages.
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1. Medi-Cal Handbook County Section Part 1 (mp3) Part 1 (mp3) Part 1 (mp3) Part 1 (mp3)
2. Medi-Cal Handbook State Section Part 2 (mp3) Part 2a (mp3)
Part 2b (mp3)
Part 2a (mp3)
Part 2b (mp3)
Part 2 (mp3)
3. Grievance and Appeal Information Part 3 (mp3) Part 3 (mp3) Part 3 (mp3) Part 3 (mp3)
4. Advance Health Care Directive
Part 4 (mp3) Part 4 (mp3) Part 4 (mp3) Part 4 (mp3)
5. Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) updated
(revised 2013)
Part 5 (mp3) Part 5 (mp3) Part 5 (mp3) Part 5 (mp3)

BHS Formulary
BHS Formulary

Behavioral Health Services Prescribing Guidelines Committee approved medications
(5 page PDF file)








Advanced Health Care Directives (F346-705)

Grievance Appeal Form (F346-706)

Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information (F346-531B)

Consent to Record (F346-474)

Mental Health Plan Intake/Advisement Checklist (F346-763)

MediCal Mental Health Provider List

CYS Medication Consents (F346-745)