Authority & Quality Improvement (AQIS) – Adult & Older Adult BH Support Team

Mission Statement

  • To promote and support the use of quality management principles to improve the quality and delivery of care provided by the Mental Health Plan (MHP) County and Contracted AOABH Programs. 
  • To encourage continuous monitoring, modification and enhancement of beneficiary services.
  • To ensure program compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

Department Support

Authority & Quality Improvement Services (AQIS) is a Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Division that participates in a variety of quality improvement and compliance activities across all divisions (Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health Services and Children Youth Prevention Behavioral Health Services) of BHS.

One of AQIS's responsibilities is assisting with implementation of BHS Quality Improvement (QI) plan after its approval by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). DHCS expects BHS to engage in continuous QI activities.

AQIS also has responsibility for implementing Performance Outcome Measures mandated by DHCS and coordination of the annual DHCS Medi-Cal audit.

The AQIS staff are committed to assisting and supporting each program, department and clinic in its quality improvement and compliance activities.

Quality Improvement (QI) Process

Collecting and analyzing data to measure against the goals or prioritized areas of improvement that have been identified

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and deciding which opportunities to pursue
  • Obtaining input from providers, beneficiaries, and family members in identifying barriers to delivery of clinical care and administrative services
  • Designing and implementing interventions for improving performance
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the interventions
  • Recommending policy decisions reviewing and evaluating the results of QI activities


  • Monitoring the service delivery system of the MHP with the aim of improving the processes of providing care and better meeting the needs of beneficiaries accessing services
  • Monitoring the quality and accessibility of services
  • Monitoring beneficiary satisfaction
  • Monitoring the safety and effectiveness of medication practices, ensuring compliance with standards of care and state and federal regulations
  • Monitoring and addressing meaningful clinical issues affecting beneficiaries system-wide
  • Ensuring second opinions are provided to beneficiaries who do not meet medical necessity criteria
  • Monitoring continuity and coordination of care with physical health care providers
  • Monitoring and ensuring timely remediation and resolution of beneficiary complaints/appeals
  • Monitoring provider appeals
  • Promoting and ensuring cultural and linguistic competence for delivery of services to beneficiaries
  • Collecting and analyzing aggregate data from performance outcome measures
  • Monitoring and evaluating MHP contracted clinics to ensure contractual obligations are being met for the delivery of services to beneficiaries accessing care

Contact Us

Kelly K. Sabet, LCSW, CHC
Division Manager
Authority & Quality Improvement Services (AQIS)
Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Division
405 W. 5th Street, Suite #410 Santa Ana, CA 92701
Main Line: (714) 834-5601

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