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PA Assignments by Program - CUPA Participating Spreadsheet (188.3 KB)
PA Contact Information - OC Unified Program Participating Agencies (CUPA) (81.9 KB)
Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks
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Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Facility Statement (59.4 KB)
Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Statement (165.5 KB)
Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Statement (59.4 KB)
Certification of the Applicability of Substantial Harm Criteria (47.5 KB)
Certification of the Applicability of Substantial Harm Criteria (30.3 KB)
Example Tier I Qualified Facility SPCC Plan (480.4 KB)
Tier I SPCC Plan Template (719 KB)
Tier I SPCC Plan Template (433.5 KB)
Tier II SPCC Plan Template (1007.2 KB)
APST Tools, Fact Sheets & Guidelines
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Cal-CUPA Forum APST FAQs (529.1 KB)
Cal-EPA APST Fact Sheet (44.5 KB)
Orange County CUPA APST Fact Sheet (145.4 KB)
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CalARP Regulations Changes - January 1, 2015 (147.6 KB)
Initial Statement of Reason (ISOR 091813) (292.4 KB)
Notice of Modification to Proposed Regulations (Notice of Modifications 04072014) (128 KB)
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice 091213) (89.1 KB)
Revised CalARP Regulations (REVISED CalARP Regulations 07/17/2014) (835.1 KB)
Text of Modifications (Text of Modifications 03/10/2014) (191 KB)
Title 19, California Code of Regulations (145.3 KB)
Hazardous Materials
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Business Emergency Plan (60.7 KB)
California Annotated Site Map (519.1 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Diesel (131 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Lead Acid Battery (128.5 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Propane (133 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Sump Water (131 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Unleaded Fuel (133 KB)
Chemical Inventory Form - Waste Oil (132 KB)
Legislative Requirements (130.9 KB)
SB1261 Changes (187.8 KB)
Hazardous Material Disclosure/Business Emergency Plan
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CalEMA Business Plan- Site Map (Microsoft Word) (48 KB)
CalEMA Business Plan- Site Map (PDF) (43.6 KB)
CalEMA Hazardous Material Business Plan- FAQ (378.9 KB)
CalEMA Hazardous Material Business Plan- Mixtures (283.2 KB)
Carbon Dioxide Training (429.6 KB)
CERS Assistance Guide (146.3 KB)
NEW for 2018: Federal Hazard Categories and Haz Mat Inventory Reporting (165.9 KB)
Release Reporting Matrix (188.8 KB)
Sample Chemical Description- Lead Acid Battery (139 KB)
Spill/Release Notification Guidance Booklet (259.2 KB)
Summary of California Spill/Release Statute and Regulations (607.9 KB)
Top 100 Chemicals List (25.3 KB)
US EPA EPCRA Equivalency Letter (88.2 KB)
Written Reporting Form (304) (43 KB)
Recyclable Materials
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Recycling Activity/Recyclable Material Information (44.5 KB)
Recycling Activity/Recyclable Material Information (143.5 KB)
Tiered Permitting
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Certificate of Financial Assurance (34.7 KB)
Certificate of Financial Assurance (320.5 KB)
Requirements for Hazardous Waste Tank Systems (107.4 KB)
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District List UST - 2021 (155 KB)
Underground Storage Tank Forms
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Certification of Financial Responsibility (39.8 KB)
Certification of Financial Responsibility (121 KB)
Designated UST Operator Identification Form (112.8 KB)
Installation Certificate of Compliance (30.9 KB)
Installation Certificate of Compliance (152.5 KB)
Letter from the Chief Financial Officer (48.5 KB)
Letter from the Chief Financial Officer (35.6 KB)
Monitoring Site Plot Plan (9.9 KB)
Monitoring Site Plot Plan (35 KB)
Statement of Understanding and Compliance Form (104.4 KB)
UST Facility Modification Application (185.1 KB)
UST Facility Modification Application (91.2 KB)

           UST Facility Modification Application - Tank Information 

UST Owner / Operator Agreement (30.5 KB)
UST Owner/Operator Agreement (192.5 KB)
UST Response Plan (39.1 KB)
UST Response Plan (199.5 KB)
Underground Storage Tank Tools, Fact Sheets & Guidelines
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Guidelines for the Installation of New Underground Storage Tanks (135.6 KB)
Guidelines for the Removal of Underground Storage Tanks (68.9 KB)
Guidelines for UST Modifications (127.6 KB)
Phase II EVR / ISD Installations Notice (35.8 KB)
Sample UST Compliance Binder–Content Dividers (122.4 KB)
Sample UST Compliance Binder–Content Dividers (41.5 KB)
Sample UST Compliance Binder–Table of Contents (25.5 KB)
Sample UST Compliance Binder–Table of Contents (22.5 KB)
Unauthorized Release Form (32.6 KB)
Unauthorized Release Form (322.5 KB)
Underground Storage Tanks - The Basics (2.39 MB)
UST Temporary Closure Guidelines (34.3 KB)
Hazardous Waste
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Hazardous Materials - The Basics (3.82 MB)
Hazardous Materials Management Program Fee Schedule (61 KB)
Hazardous Waste - The Basics (17.82 MB)
OC Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency - Notice of Amendment to Transfer/Processing Report (408.8 KB)
OCHCA Public Notice - California Accidental Release Prevention Program (76.8 KB)
OCHCA Public Notice - Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) (82.9 KB)
Remote Waste Consolidation Site/Annual Notification (85 KB)
Remote Waste Consolidation Site/Annual Notification (34.7 KB)
Requirements for Hazardous Waste Tank Systems (107.4 KB)
Rio Santiago - Public Notice Registration Permit (53 KB)
Stanton Energy and AES HB Energy Public Notice (76.1 KB)
Tank Closure Certification (70.4 KB)
Tank Closure Certification (109.5 KB)
Liquid Waste
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LWH_Application_Form.pdf (62 KB)
LWH_Inspection_Checklist.pdf (133.4 KB)
LWH-Listing.pdf (72 KB)
Medical Waste
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Common Storage Facility Permit Application (53.6 KB)
DTSC-Fact_Sheet_Managing_Haz_Waste.pdf (120.4 KB)
Large Quantity Medical Waste Generator Registration Form (form number F042.09-1332) (66.2 KB)
LQHE Fact Sheet 2014 (173.9 KB)
Medical Waste Management Information Document - Fillable (44.5 KB)
Medical Waste Management Information Document (55 KB)
Notificatin of a Medical Waste Temporary Event form - fillable
Sharps Mail-Back List (74.2 KB)
Small Quantity Medical Waste Generator Registration Form
Solid Waste
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solid-waste-facility-permit-notice-04122016.pdf (37 KB)
Universal Waste
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Aerosol Can Processing Notification (74 KB)
Aerosol Can Processing Notification (71.2 KB)
Used Oil
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Used Oil Recycling Quiz (68 Bytes)
Used Tire
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Waste-Tire-Districts.pdf (76.3 KB)