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Affordable Care Act is a joint partnership between Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). You will have the ability to choose the health plan that offers the best services at the greatest value for you or find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal. This is insurance that can't be dropped or denied if you have a pre-existing medical condition (any illness or condition a patient has prior to obtaining insurance).View: Health Care Reform and You - FAQ

General Information

Health Care Agency Programs Affected

  • Low Income Health Program (LIHP) and the potential impact on Ryan White services (HIV Services)
    Since 2010, Orange County began the process of implementing Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstration “California’s Bridge to the Affordable Care Act” waiver project, also known as the Low Income Health Program (LIHP). Beginning in January 1, 2014, LIHP will no longer exist and the Affordable Care Act (also known as Health Care Reform or Obamacare) will go into effect.
  • Medical Services Initiative (MSI)
    The MSI Program ended on December 31, 2013. For information about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care, please call Covered California at 1-800-300-1506 or visit their website at
  • Medical Safety Net Program (MSN)
    The MSN Program provides only necessary medical services to protect the patient from the loss of life or limb, prevent significant disability and/or the serious deterioration of health. The MSN program does not cover preventive medical treatments. Please review the MSN Member Handbook for more information on eligibility qualifications, covered services, and service locations. You can also contact the MSN Program at 714-834-6248.
  • MSN Provider News and Alerts