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What Does The Orange County Behavioral Health Advisory Board Do?

The Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) is organized to complete the following three main purposes:

  • Advise the Board of Supervisors and the Behavioral Health Director on all aspects of local mental health and SUD programs.
  • Advocate for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and SUD.
  • Review programs and services within the local behavioral health system.

The Welfare & Institutions Code 5604.2 outlines the following statutory duties of the BHAB:

  • Review and approve the procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement in all stages of the County’s behavioral health planning process.
  • Review and comment on the County’s performance outcome data, as it relates to behavioral health matters, and communicate findings to the California Mental Health Planning Council.
  • Review the recommendations made by the Director of the local Behavioral Health Services to the Board of Supervisors regarding community behavioral health needs, provision of services, establishment of facilities, contracting for services or facilities, and other matters necessary in accomplishing the purposes of behavioral health services.
  • Assess the impact of the realignment of services from the State to the County on behavioral health services delivered to clients and the local community.
  • Review the County’s Behavioral Health contracts and grants awarded to supported services and initiatives administered through Behavioral Health Services Division, and make recommendations regarding concerns identified within any of these agreements.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding applicants for the appointment of the Director of the local Behavioral Health Services.
  • Submit an annual report to the Board of Supervisors reflecting the needs and performance of the County’s behavioral health system.
  • The BHAB shall conduct a public hearing on the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) program and expenditure plan and annual updates at the close of the 30-day comment as required by subdivision (a) of WIC 5848.