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Compact Mobile Food Operation

Compact Mobile Food Operations

Effective January 1, 2023, the California Retail Food Code established a new type of retail food facility: "Compact Mobile Food Operation" (CMFO).  

CMFOs may include individuals, pushcarts, stands, displays, wagons, etc. CMFOs may only sell prepackaged foods, whole uncut produce, or food with limited food preparation.  

CMFO Requirements

  • Health permit required* 
  • Plan review required* 
  • Commissary required - The commissary can either be a permitted food facility or a permitted Cottage Food Operation. A Cottage Food Operation can serve as a commissary for a maximum of 2 CMFOs. 
  • Warewashing (containers, utensils, cooking pans, etc.) and handwashing equipment are required for permitted CMFOs 
  • Food Handler Cards are required 
  • Potentially hazardous food prepared at an approved facility and served from a CMFO shall be destroyed at the end of the operating day 
  • Routine inspections required* 
  • Permit fees may apply 

*Exemptions: Health permits, plan review, and routine inspections may not apply for CMFOs that have less than 25 square feet of display space AND sell only non-potentially hazardous prepackaged food or whole, uncut produce.  

For more information on CMFO requirements, please contact the Environmental Health Mobile Food Program at or 714-433-6416.

Para mas información de cómo obtener un permiso de salubridad para un establecimiento de comida ambulante, haga clic aquí