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Court Programs

The Court Programs unit of Authority and Quality Improvement Services (AQIS) oversees the DUI, PC1000 and PC1210 programs in Orange County. The unit provides court ordered referrals for DUI programs at 4 Alcohol Liaison Office (ALO) Justice Center locations in the County: Central, Harbor, North and West courts. A list of PC1000 and PC1210 providers are also available at these locations; however, referrals for these programs are not issued or coordinated by the ALO program.
The Court Programs unit also provides regular monitoring, technical assistance and quality improvement services to the contracted providers who offer the programs. The unit audits providers to ensure compliance with State regulations and to assist providers in rendering services to the public.

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Alcohol Liaison Office (ALO)

DUI Programs

PC1000 Programs

PC1210 Programs

Court Programs Administration


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