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Pool Safety

We are now accepting Electronic Plan Submittals (EPS). Please visit the EPS page to learn more about the process. 

About Us

Our focus is to ensure that all public pools are free of safety hazards and risks of communicable diseases.  

Public Pools include swimming pools, spa pools, and wade pools at apartments, condominiums, townhouses, hotels, motels, schools, community parks, commercial sites, health clubs, mobile home parks, campgrounds, auto courts, and resorts. Routine pool inspections are conducted to cover issues from construction to water chemistry and operations. For more information or questions regarding a specific public pool, please contact us.

Pool construction and remodel information and guidelines

Owners or operators planning to construct or remodel a public pool are required to submit three sets of plans with specifications and obtain approval prior to start of construction. A Plan Check fee must be paid at the time of plan submission. For more information regarding plan check submission, contact a plan check representative at (714) 433-6074. 


Additional Guidelines/Codes

Poster image - It Only Takes Seconds to Drown.


The Orange County Drowning Prevention Task Force has launched a new drowning prevention campaign. 



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