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Providing Prevention and Intervention Services, Access to Service/Community Resources, Outreach and Education to Promote Behavioral Health and Wellness.

Outreach & Engagement Services

These programs provide services to underserved or isolated people at risk of developing behavioral health conditions.

Outreach & Engagement (photo: group outside on grass)

Crisis and Referral Services

These programs include a range of crisis prevention and early intervention services.

Parent and Family Support Services

These programs serve individuals and families with behavioral health conditions.

Parent Education & Support Services (photo: mother daughter piggyback)

Screening & Assessment Services

These programs serve members of the community with life experiences that may make them vulnerable to behavioral health conditions.

Veterans' Court Services (photo: briefcase)

Early Intervention Services

These programs provide interventions to individuals and families who are isolated, underserved, un-served and with limited access to behavioral health services.

Early Intervention Services (smiling children)

School-Based Services

These programs provide professional development/training to school personnel and behavioral health prevention services to children, youth and families.

photo: children in class, raising hands

HIV Services

These programs provide HIV testing, prevention education and services for HIV-positive individuals to assist in coordinating their medical care.

HIV Related Services (photo: two women talking)

Training Services

Training is provided to the general community and/or specific populations to increase awareness of factors that contribute to the development of behavioral health conditions.

Technical Assistance & Training Services (photo: presentation)