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HCA IT - Tech

HCA Information Technology (IT) provides services internal to HCA departments, in addition to establishing technology related vision, leadership, direction and strategic and tactical planning for all agency information technology initiatives.

The primary mission of the Division is to enable and support all functional service and administrative areas within the agency to meet their respective goals and objectives. This is accomplished via collaboration and partnership with the program areas, by factoring in customer needs in all decisions with a customer-centric focus and ensuring that the individual technology-based objectives of the program areas are aligned with the overall technology roadmap and goals of the Agency.

The overall operational goal is to ensure high availability of the network, desktop and portable computing devices, servers, email, internet and intranet access, and to provide support for the development and support of all enterprise applications and databases, compliance with various laws and regulations, as well as set technology standards.

Primary services include:

Applications and Analytics

HCA IT develops and maintains a variety of applications and reports. Some are developed internally as custom applications using mainstream technology and tools while some others are cloud-hosted solutions and are served on desktop and/or mobile platforms. Applications, reports and healthcare analytics solutions are based on current and anticipated future needs that impact operational efficiencies and quality of care and outcomes as well as support compliance.

Electronic Health Records

There are currently two electronic health records within the Agency: Cerner for Behavioral Health Services and TechCare for Correctional Health Services. Cerner is also used at Public Health Services for lab services and for patient registration and scheduling. Public Health Services is currently pursuing an implementation of a full electronic health record system as well. These applications require ongoing support for increased functionality to support internal needs as well as for regulatory compliance.

Field and Service Desk

The HCA Service Desk is the central point of contact for reporting, tracking and escalating all computer related incidents impacting HCA’s internal and external customers. This unit is available from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday. After hours support is also available from 5:00 PM – 7: 00 AM, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Field Support group provides hardware and software support for all HCA employees and contractors, as well as maintenance and repair of printers, scanners, iPads, iPhones and other computer peripherals. On-site services are provided at all Agency and certain non-Agency locations.

Network Management

The Network Services team coordinates the management of the internal HCA network and related components with Orange County Information Technology (OCIT) and an external managed-services vendor. These services, over which oversight is provided, include network life cycle management, network problem management, network traffic monitoring, internet access, application availability, remote access and management of the network backbone providing digital connectivity for voice, data and video transmission.

Network Security

The HCA IT Security Services team is committed to providing a secure environment to meet the needs of the Agency. The team develops, recommends, and enforces the security strategic direction, policy, procedures, standards and solutions to protect HCA information systems from damage resulting from failures of confidentiality, integrity or availability. It applies solutions and resources to deter, monitor, report, audit, and prevent failures resulting from known and unknown threats and vulnerabilities.

Network and Server Management

An extensive number of servers are necessary to support the applications and databases. These are used to support systems in use as well as development and testing activities. There is a core set of individuals charged with building and managing servers. In addition, HCA IT also manages the mobile telecommunication devices and service plans.

Project Management Office

The HCA Project Management service provides customers with experienced IT project managers and business analysts to assist in and/or lead HCA IT projects. Creative and industry standard project management methodologies based on proven best practices are used, depending on the type of project and desired outcomes. The project managers tailor the methods used to fit the needs of each HCA IT project. The goal is to pragmatically meet the needs of each type of project without sacrificing HCA’s commitment to consistency and quality.