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Management Services provides administrative support and services for all HCA programs, as well as services to our external customers throughout the County. Management Services is comprised of five programs:

HCA Facilities Services

Responsible for the management and oversight of HCA facilities including renovations, improvement project management, program relocations, building access management, leased facility maintenance and coordination for the Agency’s 135+ facilities throughout the County.

Health Clinic Business Office

Manages the cash handling responsibilities for the largest clinic in the Agency and provides facilities related support to the 17th St. Building Complex.

The Custodian of Records (COR) Office

Coordinates the Health Care Agency's response to records requests, including medical records and those made under the California Public Records Act. COR's responsibility include:
    +Evaluating, processing, and providing technical expertise related to all records requests.
    +Ensure that release of records meet legal requirements, including those established under HIPAA and PRA.
    +Receiving and processing subpoenas for witness appearances and records production. 
    +Supports programs in the retention of records.

Policies and Procedures (P&Ps)

Management Services also has the responsibility for development, revision and maintenance of all Administrative HCA P&Ps.

HCA Safety Program

The HCA Safety Program administers the Agency's Injury and Illness Prevention Program, facilitates ergonomic evaluations, safety trainings, Workers' Compensation claim reporting and manages over one hundred Department Safety Representatives at nearly two hundred HCA program sites. The program has responsibility for the well-being of over 3,000 employees and ensures the Agency remains complaint with all applicable Cal/OSHA rules and regulations.