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HIV Planning Council

Overview of the HIV Planning Council

The HIV Planning Council (Council), established in 1992, provides advice and makes recommendations to the County Health Officer regarding HIV policy issues, serves as the Ryan White Planning Council as required by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act (The Act), and is the advisory body to the City of Anaheim for the expenditure of Housing Opportunities for Persons Living With AIDS (HOPWA) funds. The Council determines the priority of HIV service needs of the community and allocates funds to each service. Members of the Council are appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and are individuals who are living with HIV and/or working in the field of HIV services. 

    Planning Council Subcommittees:
    There are several subcommittees that support the work of the overall Council;
    for more information about the subcommittees, please click here

    Council and Committee Meetings:
    For a calendar of all Council and Committee meetings, please click here.

    Agendas and Minutes:
    To view agendas and minutes from the Council meetings, please click here.

If you are looking for the Health Care Agency HIV Planning and Coordination Unit, please visit:

Mission Statement

“The Orange County HIV Planning Council, in partnership with affected communities, service providers, philanthropists, and public health professionals, will support an accessible, culturally competent continuum of HIV prevention and care services that promotes optimal health, fosters self-sufficiency, reduces stigma and discrimination, and results in a community where new HIV infections are rare.”

Council and HCAC Member Recruitment-Clients Needed!

Meetings are open to the public and interested individuals are encouraged to attend. 

Meeting information:
To confirm meeting date and time, call (714) 834-8399
When:   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, usually the 2nd Wednesday of every month 
               (Food is provided beginning at 5:30 PM)
Where: 1725 West 17th Street (Building 1729E Public Health Services Learning Center), 
               Santa Ana, CA 92706


HIV Planning Council Resources

 HRSA Ryan White Planning Council Primer 2018


 Orange County HIV Planning Council Application as of 09/07/22
 (Note: The Application for Orange County Board, Commission or Committee (PDF) document must also be completed along with the HIV Planning Council Application)  


 Orange County HIV Planning Council At-A-Glance 2013  
 Orange County HIV Planning Council Bylaws as of 07/26/22


Orange County HIV Planning Council Grievance Procedure/Process as of 08/11/21


 Orange County HIV Planning Council Leave of Absence (LOA) Form  
Orange County HIV Planning Council Rules of Respectful Engagement as of 11/04/20  
Orange County Transitional Grant Area (TGA) Ryan White Grant Application Fiscal Year 2019

HIV Planning Council Directives to the Grant Recipient

 Directives to the Grant Recipient for Ryan White Part A and Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) as of  02/10/21
 Directives to the Grant Recipient for Housing Services as of 10/13/21

2022 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

 FY22 Client Satisfaction Survey Results Full Report (coming soon)
 FY22 Client Satisfaction Survey Results Highlights

2021 Client Needs Survey Results

 2021 Client Needs Survey Results Highlights

Standards of Care (SOC) for HIV Services 

Case Management SOC as of 03/09/22
Common SOC as of 03/10/21
Early Intervention Services SOC as of 12/08/21
Food Bank/Home Delivered Meals SOC as of 04/08/20
Home Health SOC as of 10/14/20
Housing Services SOC as of 05/12/21
Jail Case Management SOC as of 07/10/19
Legal Services SOC as of 02/10/16
Medical Nutrition Therapy Including Nutritional Supplements SOC as of 04/08/20
Medical Transportation SOC as of 01/08/20
Mental Health SOC as of 04/13/16
Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) Case Management SOC as of 09/11/19
Oral Health SOC as of 11/14/18
Outpatient/Ambulatory Health Services SOC as of 07/08/20
Outreach Services SOC as of 10/23/18
Referral for Health Care and Supported Services SOC as of 06/12/19
Substance Abuse SOC as of 12/09/15

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