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HCA - Agency Operations Center


HCA - Agency Operations Center (AOC) Activation Level: MONITORING

AOC Activation Levels

Level I HIGH LEVEL: Full Staff
Level II MED LEVEL: Moderately Staffed
Level III LOW LEVEL: Minimally Staffed
Monitoring Deactivated: Minor Activities, situational awareness

Refer to the AOC Contact Guidance for primary methods of contact. 

COVID Testing Kits - Resource Request Update - January 11, 2024

Orange County based Healthcare Facilities and Organizations complete the appropriate form to request COVID Test Kits through this link:

COVID Tests are provided by the California Department of Public Health and any questions should be directed to the Orange County Health Care Agency Public Health Division

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report Instructions    
The Facility/MHOAC Situation Report should be completed by healthcare organizations to report operational status during large emergencies, disasters or when there is a situation or event that may disrupt patient care.

Forms and Resources:

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report Quick Reference Guide   
Resource Request Instructions

A resource request should only be completed when the organization has exhausted all resources such as internal supply chains, sister or affiliated facilities, vendors, third party suppliers and any other entity that the facility may be able to obtain the needed resources from.

When submitting a resource request, you must also fill out a Facility/MHOAC Situation Status report.

Forms and Resources:

OCHCA Resource Request 

OCHCA Resource Request Quick Reference Guide 

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report

****Your resource request needs to be to a for an Orange County Business with an Orange County Business Address. All business names and addresses confirmed prior to filling the resource request. If you do not provide your official county business name or if you use a personal/home address or personal email, your resource request will be denied****.