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HCA - Agency Operations Center


HCA - Agency Operations Center (AOC)

The OC Health Care Agency Operations Center (AOC) IS MONITORING

Regular Business Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 0730-1530. 

Refer to the AOC Contact Guidance for primary points of contact depending in the nature of the communication. 

EMS Duty Officer Phone:  714-415-8980

EMS Duty Officer E-Mail:

Pediatric Surge Fall 2022
COVID Testing Kits - Resource Request Update - May 26, 2022

Orange County based Healthcare Facilities and Organizations may request COVID Test Kits through the AOC Logistics Section.  Requestors must follow all instructions as described in the document below or your request will be denied:

Summary: To request COVID Test Kits, please properly complete the following two (2) forms and submit them to the AOC Logistics Section via email at

For manual reporting of COVID Test Results, please refer to the following document:

Health Care Facility Staffing Requests Update – June 21, 2022

Acute Care Hospitals (ACH) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) who anticipate or are currently experiencing staffing shortages are encouraged to proactively work with partner facilities, nursing/health care registries, and/or staffing agencies to fill their current or anticipated staffing needs.

For a current list of suggested staffing agencies, click here. 

***NOTE*** The list of staffing agencies is only being provided as a courtesy and does not imply that these agencies are endorsed or supported by the County of Orange.

Facilities are encouraged to review CDPH - AFL 20-46 "Requests for Urgent Staffing Resources for COVID-19" for more information. 

Questions may be directed to the EMS Duty Officer at



The Facility/MHOAC Situation Report should be completed by healthcare organizations to report operational status during large emergencies, disasters or when there is a situation or event that may disrupt patient care.

Forms and Resources:

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report Quick Reference Guide   

AOC Communication Process
A resource request should only be completed when the organization has exhausted all resources such as internal supply chains, sister or affiliated facilities, vendors, third party suppliers and any other entity that the facility may be able to obtain the needed resources from.

When submitting a resource request, you must also fill out a Facility/MHOAC Situation Status report.

Forms and Resources:

OCHCA Resource Request 

OCHCA Resource Request Quick Reference Guide 

Facility/MHOAC Situation Report

AOC Communication Process

****Your resource request needs to be to a for an Orange County Business with an Orange County Business Address. All business names and addresses confirmed prior to filling the resource request. If you do not provide your official county business name or if you use a personal/home address or personal email, your resource request will be denied****.


 The following communication process is a guide for the submission of Facility/MHOAC Situation Reports and Medical Health Resource Request. This guide is only for Hospital and Non-Hospital Healthcare/Medical Providers. 

AOC Communication Process


Orange County MHOAC Allocation of Scarce Resource Guide

 The Orange County Medical and Health Operational Area Coordination Program Allocation of Scarce Resources Guide is an all-hazards standardized approach and decision-making tool that can be used during incident response to allocate scarce resources. 

Orange County MHOAC Allocation of Scarce Resources Guide