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Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency Medical Services


EMS System of Care - Revised 07-03-2021



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EMS System Reports

Reports Category / Frequency                                                                                      Date Updated
Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) / Monthly05/14/2024
Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) / DailyOngoing / Real time
Hospital Diversion Reports / Monthly05/14/2024
Monthly EMS Personnel Licensing / Certification   11/03/2023
Monthly Ambulance Inspections11/03/2023



Letter / Memo / Report             Date
#5015 Policy 650.00 50-Day Comment04/24/2024
#4991 Hospital Name Changes04/10/2024
#4988 SNRC Neurology Coverage04/08/2024
#4962 New and Updated EMS Policies, Procedures, and Standing Orders03/15/2024
#4933 Software for Hospital Destination02/16/2024
#4882 Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting 1-3-24  CANCELLATION NOTICE12/27/2023
#4880 Clarification of OCEMS Policy #310.9612/20/2023
#4817 AEMT Application Closure10/31/2023
#4754 Revision to EMS Fees - Effective 07.01.202410/16/2023
#4750 Ambulance RFP Public Opportunity10/03/2023
#4752 Policy Update October 202309/27/2023
#4723 Trauma Coordinator Announcement09/05/2023
#4722 NEMSIS v3.5 Transition - Final Implementation Guidance09/01/2023
#4729 Orange County EMS DRAFT Policy Posted for Public Comment (Policy 510.00)08/31/2023
#4715 Orange County EMS DRAFT Policy Posted for Public Comment (Policy 645.00)08/31/2023
#4718 Shortage of Midazolam / Authorization for up to Six Months Past Expiration08/24/2023
#4692 Revision to Maximum Emergency Ground Ambulance Rates - Effective July 1, 202307/31/2023
#4651 New Policies and Clarifications/Updates of Existing EMS Documents and NEMSIS v3.5 Transition Update07/05/2023
#4638 NEMSIS v3.5 Transition Update #306/08/2023
#4633 Systems and Standards Chief Announcement06/07/2023
#4568 New Policies and Clarifications/Updates of Existing EMS Documents03/16/2023
#4550 EMS System Notice for CGMC ERC Designation Revocation02/02/2023
#4539 Extension of Current OCEMS Policies and Directives for Managing Increasing APOTs and Diversion Hours02/01/2023
#4530 Assistant EMS Director Announcement01/10/2023
#4528 EMS Facilities Coordinator Announcement01/10/2023
#4522 - NEMSIS v3.5 Implementation Plan01/03/2023
#4520 - Maximum Ground Ambulance Rates 12/27/2022
#4514 - Payments by Check / Personnel Certification Processing12/20/2022
#4477 - Refresher Memo Regarding EMS Interventions12/05/2022
#4462 - Health Emergency Crisis from RSV in Orange County11/03/2022
Press Release - Public Health Emergency Declaration and County Local State of Emergency10/31/2022
Proclamation of a Local Health Emergency10/31/2022
Health Officer Declaration of Public Health Emergency10/31/2022
Press Release - Preventive Measures Against RSV Due to High Hospitalizations10/29/2022
#4441 - ED Sat in ReddiNet10/11/2022
#4427 - New Policies and Clarifications/Updates of Existing EMS Documents09/07/2022
#4412 - PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD - Proposed Emergency Ambulance Rates Adjustment08/17/2022
#4410 - Authorization to Bypass Hospitals with High APOT08/16/2022
#4299 - BinaxNOW for Healthcare Memo03/28/2022
#4296 - Additional 6 Month Delay in Designating Policy 300.30 as Mandatory03/25/2022
#4292 - New Policies and Clarifications/Updates of Existing EMS Documents03/17/2022
#4285 - Active Restricted EMT Certification Update03/03/2022
#4284 - California Waiver Extension Through June 30, 202203/03/2022
#4283 - Active Restricted EMT Certification03/02/2022
#4260 - Reauthorization of Ambulance Diversion 02/08/2022
#4246 - Clarifications to Ambulance Memo #421201/18/2022
#4245 - Lifting Suspension for SNRC Designation - Saddleback Memorial01/14/2022
#4212 - Temporary Suspension of Diversion and Actions to Reduce APOTs12/29/2021
#4190 - Shortage of Epinephrine Pre-filled Syringes12/20/2021
#4178 - Immediate Suspension of SNRC Designation - Saddleback Memorial12/15/2021
#4165 - Emergency Ambulance - IFT-ALS (In Service)11/18/2021
#4151 - Mandatory Diversion for Long APOTs11/04/2021
#4079 - EMS Chief Pharmacist Announcement10/25/2021
#4138 - Emergency Ambulance - IFT-ALS10/19/2021
#4124 - New Policies and Clarifications of Existing EMS Documents10/01/2021
#4120 - Proposed Emergency Medical Services Provider Fees10/01/2021
#4085 - EMT Renewal and Training Program Update08/26/2021
#4078 - Health Emergency Management Section Chief Announcement08/20/2021
#4073 - Medical / Health Resource Requests08/06/2021
#4071 - Voluntary Actions Needed to Improve Ambulance Patient Offload Times (APOT) and Ambulance Diversion Hours08/04/2021
#4035 - New Policies and Clarifications/Updates of Existing EMS Documents06/29/2021
#3950 - Clarifications and Updates of Existing EMS Documents03/19/2021

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