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Pool Safety

The Environmental Health Division investigates complaints regarding public pool safety and sanitation in Orange County. Please call 714-433-6000 to report an unsafe or unsanitary swimming pool or spa. Be ready to provide the name and address of the public pool or spa you want investigated and explain the conditions you are reporting.

If you observe a problem with a swimming pool or spa in a single-family home, you may contact the city code enforcement department for assistance.

No, it isn't against the law for children to be unattended in a public pool/spa. The laws regulating public swimming pools and spas contain specific requirements for warning signs in the pool enclosure. Many people are familiar with the warning signs that state, "Warning-No Lifeguard on Duty, Children Under the Age of 14 Should Not Use Pool Without an Adult in Attendance." Although the law requires this warning sign at all public swimming pools and spas without lifeguards, the law does not prohibit unattended children in the pool/spa area.

The maximum allowable water temperature for a public spa (such as your condominium complex's) is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Drownings have occurred in the past that were directly attributed to people fainting in spa water that was above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Older and young people are particularly sensitive to these higher temperature ranges.

Feces may contain large numbers of disease causing microorganisms. If feces is accidentally released in a swimming pool or spa, swimmers can be exposed to viruses or other disease causing agents. Outbreaks of E.coli 0157:H7 and Cryptosporidium have been associated with swimming pool fecal accidents.

For detailed information on treating a pool after a fecal accident, call the Environmental Health Division at 714-433-6000 to request a copy of an advisory notice on fecal accidents.