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UST FAQ - Document Submittal

  • Example form and a pen


  • The Certification of Financial Responsibility form must be submitted annually. 
  • The UPC/CUPA forms must be submitted any time there is a change or when the form itself is periodically updated by the state. 
  • The Monitoring Plan and Leak Response Plan must be submitted when there is a change. 
  • Other forms may be required depending on site circumstances. Your inspector will notify you if a form(s) is required. 

The state form must be submitted to Environmental Health (CUPA) annually.  The Certification of Financial Responsibility form can be found under Forms in the “CUPA Site Menu."  If the mechanism you choose requires additional documentation (e.g., insurance or CEO/CFO letter), your inspector may request to see it.

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You may fill the forms out yourself; however, some owners/operators opt to have their forms completed by their environmental staff or someone more familiar with USTs. Much of the information can be found on previously submitted documents, test reports, or in the Environmental Health public records. Your inspector may also be able to help you complete your forms.

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Yes. Test results, reports, and other documents can be emailed to your inspector directly. The Business Portal (E-Submit) is currently being expanded to include the UST program. UST owners and operators will be able to use the portal to complete and update their UPC forms electronically via the web.