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The Designated Operator (DO) is a person or group of people chosen by the facility owner to carry out specific tasks regarding the UST facility. The DO may be a facility owner, operator, employee, or outside contractor. Every DO must pass the California UST System Operator exam in order to conduct designated operator activities. 

Designated Operator responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Conducting monthly UST inspections 
  • Reviewing the alarm history and ensuring alarms have been properly handled 
  • Completing a written report to document the inspection findings 
  • Making the facility owner aware of any issues that need additional follow-up 
  • Conducting annual employee training and maintaining training records

Ask to see their certification card, making sure that the certification has not expired. Click here to verify that your DO’s certification is valid.

Contact your designated operator and discuss your expectations with them. Alternatively, you may opt to hire a different designated operator.

Unfortunately, the Environmental Health (CUPA) staff is unable to make recommendations for designated operators.