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Full Service Partnerships (FSP)

A group of multi-ethnic peopleData for MHSA Programs

Following the vision of the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) and the constituents who strongly supported and voted for Proposition 63, Orange County Behavioral Health Services (BHS) is making an investment and commitment to the use of performance outcomes and data. The effort put forth by BHS is a step towards furthering the continuum of recovery, letting data guide the transformative process of services and supports, and increasing transparency.

In order to bring about transformational change, creative and thorough research must guide the process of data collection. Both qualitative and quantitative data are used to paint a complete picture of the impact of performance outcomes.

Orange County's mental health community is involved throughout the various levels of measuring performance outcomes. This includes assessing data, providing feedback in committees, and implementing performance outcome measures. Each of these pieces fit together to play a pivotal role in the transformation of the public mental health system

Below you will find links to Orange Counties various Full Service Partnerships (FSPs). Each of these programs is funded through MHSA.