Fact Sheet

Innovation Projects:

Integrated Community Services (ICS)

Community Home

The Integrated Community Services (ICS) Community Home pilot project provides outreach into the medical community to facilitate bi-directional services to fully integrate both physical and mental health care. This collaboration with community medical clinics and county mental health programs is a healthcare model that will prove to bridge the gaps in service for the underserved low-income community and increase better overall health outcomes for the patients involved. In the ICS Community Home project a Mental Health Team (Psychiatrist, BHS Clinician and Mental Health Caseworker) will be brought into existing community health clinics: Asian Health Center and Korean Community Services. Bringing in each team to complement existing patient services allows full integration of patient care in each location.

County Home

The Integrated Community Service (ICS) Community Home pilot project provides primary medical care services to transitional age youth, adults and older adults who are residents of Orange County, Medi-Cal or MSN eligible, and receiving behavioral health services at the Santa Ana, Westminster or Anaheim County Clinics. The program provides case management, care coordination, supportive counseling, educational groups, medication consultation, and linkage to community resources.

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures provides community-based services to families with children who experience social, emotional, and behavioral health problems to reduce isolation and form a supportive network with other families. The program offers brief interventions; helps build personal resiliency and healthy relationships between parents and children. Multidisciplinary clinical team provides culturally and linguistically appropriate peer-mentorships, case management, parent education, psychotherapeutic services and linkages to supportive community services.

Collective Solutions

Collective Solutions is a family-focused crisis management program that provides community-based supportive services to individuals and family members to assist in managing crisis situations related to mental illness. Services is provided by peer mentors and clinicians to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments, case management, discussion groups and counseling services. Staff facilitates positive communication between family members, helps reduce future crisis situations and need for hospitalization, educates families about mental illness, and assists family members and their loved ones with developing an action plan to better manage future crises. The program also creates a community-based support network for individuals and families in crisis and facilitates linkage to mental health services among ethnic communities.


OC ACCEPT provides community-based mental health and supportive services to individuals struggling with and/or identifying as LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Questioning) and the people important in their lives. The program specializes in addressing issues that are common in the LGBTIQ community, such as confusion, isolation, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-medicating with drugs and high risk behaviors, self-esteem challenges, victims of bullying, trauma, homelessness, and lack of familial support. OC ACCEPT seeks to provide a safe environment with acceptance and compassion for individuals to express their feelings, build resilience, become empowered and connected with others for support. The program also raises awareness and reduce stigma by providing education about the LGBTIQ population to the community at large. Visit OC ACCEPT home page at

Orange County Community Cares Project

Orange County Community Cares Project (OC CCP) strives to improve access to mental health services and decrease the negative effects of untreated mental illness. The program provides a referral-based system for individuals to receive short-term pro-bono mental health treatment by a multidisciplinary team: project lead, clinicians, and peer mentors. Staff delivers culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments, case management, individual psychotherapeutic services, and follow-up services to evaluate effectiveness and satisfaction of services. All individuals who are referred to the OC CCP program will be initially evaluated by program staff during intake interview. If eligible, the participant will be linked to a provider who best meets their needs. Visit OCCCP home page at

Project Life Coach

Project Life Coach provides supportive employment services to monolingual Latino, Iranian, and Asian Pacific Islanders with limited English proficiency and a mental illness. Culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments, case management, groups, brief counseling and support services are provided by peer mentors and clinicians. The program utilizes an innovative approach for job finding, placement and retention, linkage to mental health services in the ethnic communities, and creation of a community-based support network for individuals and families. The Project Life Coach program considers all referrals from the community via phone, fax, email, or walk-in to provide intake and initial assessment.