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CHDP Dental Follow-up

As healthy teeth are an important piece of overall health, part of the mission of the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) is to facilitate children obtaining regular dental care, which is included in their Medi-Cal benefit. The CHDP Program is committed to linking all children with fee-for-service Medi-Cal, to dental care, by the time the child has their first tooth or first birthday or earlier and to maintaining continuity of dental care for children/youth in need of dental treatment. A dental screening/oral assessment is required at every CHDP/EPSDT health assessment regardless of age.

Children are referred directly to a dentist: 

  • Beginning at age one
  • At any age if a problem is suspected or detected
  • Every six (6) months for maintenance of oral health
  • Every three (3) months for children with documented special health care needs when medical or oral condition can be affected; and for other children at high risk for dental caries


As of January 1, 2020, the Orange County CHDP Program is available to assist Orange County Medi-Cal dental providers in their efforts to assure Medi-Cal eligible children receive dental care. CHDP Program staff will attempt to contact the family and prevent the loss of dental follow-up care.

Referral to the CHDP Program is a resource of last resort. Prior to making a referral to the Orange County CHDP Program, dental providers* are expected first to have:

  1. Attempted to reach the family in accordance with their current practice standards and
  2. Utilized the existing dental care coordination/case management resources available by calling the Medi-Cal Dental Telephone Service Center at 1 (800) 322-6384.

To refer a child, complete the Dental Provider Dental Care Follow-up Referral Form and use a secure fax it to send it to us. 

The Orange County CHDP Program will attempt to make contact with the family and provide assistance to the family so the child receives the needed dental services. We will report back to you regarding the results of our efforts.

For more information and instructions on completing the referral form, please watch this CHDP Dental Care Coordination presentation. Download the handout from the presentation. More information is available from the CHDP Provider Information Notice (PIN) 20-01 Child Health and Disability Prevention Program Follow-Up Assistance to Medi-Cal Dental Providers.

*Note: Medi-Cal dental providers who participate in Dental Transformation Initiative (DTI) activities may not refer to the CHDP Program as a mechanism to substitute for DTI related efforts or to enhance DTI incentive payments.