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Child Health and Disability Prevention Program

Doctor giving child shotCHDP Program Provides FREE Periodic Health Assessments and Immunizations to

  • Help children and teens stay healthy 
  • Find health problems before they become painful or cause harm 


Who is Eligible?

  • Low Income Families - Birth to 19th Birthday
    No documentation or residency required!


  • Medi-Cal Participants up to 21st Birthday
  • If Your Child has Medi-Cal, ask Your Doctor or Health Plan for CHDP Health Assessments


How to Access Services?

  • Call 1-800-564-8448 for the Names of CHDP Health Care Providers

Use the Online Provider List


Parent/Guardian Center


Provider Resource Center

Internet Resources


For More Information visit our CHDP State Web Site.


Interested in Becoming a CHDP Provider?

Please contact the local CHDP Program at (714) 567-6224 to obtain a program application packet as well as important information regarding the application process.

Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment