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EMS Standing Orders


Orange County EMS Standing Orders - Sections


ALS Standing Orders - Table of Contents


General ALS Standing Orders

SO                 Title                                                                                                                                                                                                      Updated
I-10Abbreviations and Definitions09/03/2019
I-15Adult / Adolescent Standing Order Drug Guide07/01/2021
I-20Pediatric Medication Volume Dose by Weight06/19/2023
SO-AEMTAdvanced EMT Standing Orders10/01/2018
SO-ALSALS General Standing Orders - OCEMS Accredited Paramedic04/01/2022
SO-AMASigning Against Medical Advice (AMA) in the Field04/01/2019
SO-RELEvaluation without EMS Treatment or Transport (Release in Field)04/01/2019

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Cardiac - ALS Standing Orders

SO                 Title                                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated
SO-C-010Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Adult / Adolescent Non-Traumatic02/18/2021
SO-C-015Chest Pain of Suspected Cardiac Origin or Suspected Angina Equivalent Symptoms07/15/2021
SO-C-020Symptomatic Bradycardia - Adult/Adolescent04/16/2024
SO-C-025Narrow Complex QRS Complex Tachycardia04/01/2017
SO-C-030Narrow QRS Complex Tachycardia - Irregular Rhythm - Adult/Adolescent10/01/2017
SO-C-040Wide QRS Complex Tachycardia with a Pulse - Adult/Adolescent05/01/2016
SO-C-045Cardiac Arrest with Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)10/01/2017

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Environmental - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                                                 Updated
SO-E-005Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical) - Adult ***CURRENT***01/28/2020
SO-E-005Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical) - Adult ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
SO-E-010Diving - Decompression Sickness / Air Embolism - Adult / Adolescent09/27/2021
SO-E-015Non-Fatal Drowning04/01/2017
SO-E-030Snake Envenomation07/01/2018

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Medical - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                                                    Updated
SO-M-005Abdominal or Flank Pain, Non-Traumatic01/02/2019
SO-M-010Hyperglycemia - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2019
SO-M-015Allergic Reaction / Anaphylaxis04/01/2023
SO-M-020Altered Mental Status10/01/2019
SO-M-025Suspected Acute Stroke or Intracranial Hemorrhage (Stroke Triage Criteria)10/01/2023
SO-M-030Psychiatric / Behavioral Emergencies ***CURRENT***10/01/2017
SO-M-030Psychiatric / Behavioral Emergencies ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
SO-M-035Respiratory Distress05/01/2016
SO-M-040Seizure / Convulsions - Adult / Adolescent07/01/2021
SO-M-045Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension)04/01/2017
SO-M-050Substance Overdose / Poisoning - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2021
SO-M-055Suspected Sepsis04/01/2017
SO-M-060Nausea / Vomiting04/01/2019
SO-M-080Sedation for Endotracheal or LMA Intubation - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2022

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OB - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                                    Updated
SO-O-010Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy10/01/2021
SO-O-015Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy11/01/2016

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Pediatrics - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                                       Updated
SO-P-010Newborn Care04/01/2023
SO-P-015General Injury and Trauma - Pediatric ***CURRENT***04/01/2020
SO-P-015General Injury and Trauma - Pediatric ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
SO-P-020Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Pediatric04/01/2023
SO-P-025Amputation Injuries - Pediatric10/01/2020
SO-P-030Crush Injury - Pediatric10/01/2020
SO-P-035Acute Respiratory Distress - Pediatric04/01/2020
SO-P-040Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Pediatric03/05/2021
SO-P-045Bradycardia - Pediatric04/01/2022
SO-P-060Allergic Reaction / Anaphylaxis - Pediatric04/01/2023
SO-P-065Altered Mental Status - Pediatric04/01/2020
SO-P-070Psychiatric / Behavioral Emergencies - Pediatric ***NEW***04/01/2024
SO-P-075Seizure / Convulsion - Pediatric10/19/2022
SO-P-080Shock (Symptomatic Hypotension) - Pediatric04/01/2020
SO-P-085Substance Overdose / Poisoning - Pediatric10/01/2023
SO-P-090Nausea / Vomiting - Pediatric04/01/2020
SO-P-095Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical) - Pediatric ***CURRENT***10/01/2020
SO-P-095Burn (Thermal, Electrical, Chemical) - Pediatric ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
SO-P-100Non-Fatal Drowning - Pediatric04/01/2017
SO-P-105Thermal Disorders - Pediatric04/01/2020
SO-P-110Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) - Pediatric04/01/2020

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Special Deployment - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                                            Updated
SPC-SO-001Special Deployment (Fireline) Tactical Medical / ALS Air Rescue SO11/17/2021

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Trauma - ALS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                       Updated
SO-T-005General Injury and Trauma - Adult / Adolescent ***CURRENT***04/01/2019
SO-T-005General Injury and Trauma - Adult / Adolescent ***UPCOMING 10/01/2024***04/01/2024
SO-T-010Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2023
SO-T-015Amputation Injuries - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2017
SO-T-020Crush Injury - Adult / Adolescent05/01/2016
SO-T-025Taser - Adult / Adolescent04/01/2017

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BLS Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                     Updated
SO-B-001Basic Life Support Standing Orders10/01/2017
SO-B-002Naloxone Administration10/01/2017
SO-B-003Glucose Oral Administration10/01/2017
SO-B-004Snake Envenomation - Adult / Adolescent10/01/2018
SO-B-RELEvaluation without Treatment or EMS Transport (Release in Field)10/01/2022

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First Responder Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                                   Updated
SO-FR-001First Responder: Naloxone Administration10/01/2022
SO-FR-002Oxygen Administration10/01/2017
SO-FR-003Automated External Defibrillator (AED)03/18/2021
SO-FR-004Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA)11/15/2017
SO-FR-005Nasopharygeal Airway (NPA) 04/20/2018

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Fire Service ARN Standing Orders

SOTitle                                                                                                                                                      Updated
SO-F-01Diarrhea or Nausea/Vomiting04/01/2017
SO-F-02Over the Counter (OTC) Medications04/01/2017
SO-F-03Rehabilitation / Rehydration04/01/2017
SO-F-04Eye Irrigation04/01/2017
SO-F-05Wound Irrigation04/01/2017
SO-F-06Carbon Monoxide Evaluation04/01/2017

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