Children & Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH)

Children and Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH) regional clinics are within five geographic areas located throughout Orange County. Within the regional systems, outpatient services are provided at multiple clinics, many of them located on school sites. They are staffed by professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, family therapy and nursing.

Regional CYBH clinics serve children and adolescents who require mental health services. Problems may include disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep and eating disorders, adjustment or personality disorders, other severe emotional disorders and family problems. Children who receive services under Short/Doyle Medi-Cal and who have been diverted from hospitalization or receive support services as part of the after-care plan developed during their hospitalization are also served in regional clinics.

CYBH also provides diagnosis and support services for children who have been removed from their homes and are residing in Orangewood Children's Home, Juvenile Hall, group homes and foster placement. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT) provides mental health services to those young people who are full scope Medi-Cal beneficiaries and need services not ordinarily covered by Medi-Cal.

The majority of referrals to CYBH come from parents, school personnel and other agencies (e.g., Social Services, Probation, etc.). Children who have Medi-Cal insurance or who have no insurance coverage and are in need of psychiatric hospitalization can be referred for evaluation by on-call emergency staff from CYBH.

Children and Youth Behavioral Health (CYBH) provides a broad range of services for behaviorally, emotionally or mentally disordered children and adolescents which include evaluation, therapy, medication, crisis intervention and collateral services to parents and families. Referral for hospitalization or residential treatment, consultation to schools and other agencies, coordination with private and public services and case management for those placed in hospitals or other 24-hour settings are also provided.