AMHS Adult Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) provides recovery mental health services and episodic treatment services which emphasize individual needs, strengths, choices, and involvement in service planning and implementation.

Adults who have a serious and persistent mental disorder and may have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder and impairment in their ability to function in the community or who have a history of recurring substantial functional impairment, hospitalization or symptoms can access services.

Services include assessment, evaluation, collateral therapy, individual and group therapy, substance abuse treatment, medication support, rehabilitation, linkage and consultation, placement, plan development, crisis intervention and specialized residential services.

AMHS also provides a range of care for county residents who have a serious and persistent mental disorder.

Inpatient services include:

  • acute psychiatric inpatient treatment program,
  • program administration and utilization case management of the Medi-Cal Mental Health Managed Care Plan,
  • Allied Behavioral Care (ABC).

The specialized outpatient Evaluation and Treatment Service (ETS) provides 24-hour crisis stabilization, hospital diversion, and referral access to ABC acute psychiatric inpatient services.