About Us


Working Together for a Healthier Tomorrow


We are dedicated to protecting and promoting the optimal health of individuals, families, and our diverse communities through:

  • Partnerships
  • Community Leadership
  • Assessment of Community Needs
  • Planning and Policy Development
  • Prevention and Education
  • Quality Services


Partnering with our clients and the community, we value:

  • Excellence in all we do
  • Integrity in how we do it
  • Service with respect and dignity

HCA's goals describe how we will achieve our vision and our mission – the value created, or the desired improvement in a condition that is of direct consequence to our clients and the public. Employees' individual performance measures are, in turn, based on the Agency's goals and strategic directions.


  • Prevent disease and disability, and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Assure access to quality health care services.
  • Promote and ensure a healthful environment.
  • Recommend and implement health policy and services based upon assessment of community health needs.

Business Strategies

HCA has also identified two internal business strategies focused on our greatest asset, our employees.

  • Encourage excellence by ensuring a healthy work environment that values employees.
  • Support the workforce through the effective use of technological and other resources.

HCA Services and Community Benefits

The Health Care Agency is a regional provider, charged with protecting and promoting individual, family and community health through coordination of public and private sector resources. HCA's service environment is complex, with 180 different funding sources and over 200 State and Federal mandates. The mandates under which HCA operates require the County to provide for, or to regulate, certain health services. Many also carry specific requirements for staffing, operations, claiming and record-keeping.

Many of HCA's services are preventive in nature and therefore are not readily apparent to the public. Some examples of services include food protection, hazardous waste regulation, water quality monitoring and pollution prevention, mental health services, alcohol and drug abuse services, preventive health services for the aging, healthcare for incarcerated individuals, communicable disease control, child health and disability program, immunizations, public health field nursing and public health clinics.

HCA is composed of the following service areas:

  • Administrative Services - Promotes and provides for the fiscal and operational integrity of the Agency through sound management principles and practices, and provides support services to Agency programs.
  • Behavioral Health Services - Provides a culturally-competent and client-centered system of behavioral health services for all eligible county residents in need of mental health care and/or treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse.
  • Correctional Health Services - Provides medical health care to adults and children in institutional settings.
  • Public Health Services - Monitors the incidence of disease and injury in the community and develops preventive strategies to maintain and improve the health of the public. Ensures food safety, water quality and protects the public's health and safety from harmful conditions in the environment, from animal-related injury, and from disease and nuisance hazards through the enforcement of health and safety standards.
  • Regulatory /Medical Health Services - Coordinates and oversees emergency medical services and prehospital care, employee health for all County of Orange employees, health disaster preparedness and management, environmental health issues involving food safety, water quality and harmful conditions in our community, and the Medical Safety Net program that provides urgent, emergent medical services to low-income adults without an insurance home.

Who We Serve

Our ultimate client is the entire County population. While providing direct services to individual clients or patients, the Agency’s primary focus is to protect and promote the health and safety of the community as a whole. As we know, Orange County is continuing to grow and become more diverse. Over the next decade, teens and older adults will become Orange County’s fastest growing population sub-groups. The Health Care Agency is continually planning in anticipation of these changes so that our services meet the needs of the community.

The Agency’s ability to meet these needs will continue to include community collaboratives focused on creating a coordinated continuum of services. Examples of collaboratives where HCA plays a key role in meeting community needs are: the Children’s Services Coordination Committee, the Children and Families Commission (Proposition 10), the Continuum of Care System for the Homeless, the Orange County Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee and Community Partnership, the Tobacco Settlement Advisory Group, and the Emergency Medical Care Committee.