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Medically High Risk Newborns (MHRN)

Provides comprehensive nursing case management services to medically fragile newborns and infants. A Public Health Nurse assists the parents/caregivers to help promote optimum growth and development in the infant; care for infants with special needs, and develop supportive family dynamics that promote attachment. Partially funded from the Children and Families Commission of Orange County, nurses provide continuing growth and development assessment, parental education and assistance in accessing necessary health services for high-risk infants.


Services Include

  • Physical, developmental and nutritional assessments
  • Safety assessments
  • Parent/child interactions
  • Problem identification
  • Health teaching
  • Case management and follow-up
  • Referrals to community resources

The Goals

  • To prevent or minimize developmental disabilities or delays
  • To provide, decrease and coordinate a delivery system to reduce the incidence of infant mortality and the impact of potentially disabling conditions
  • To enhance school readiness
  • Demonstrate parenting skills of caregivers with infants with special needs
  • Supportive family dynamics that promote attachment