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Perinatal and Infant Assessment and Coordination Team (PACT)

Program Description

The PACT program provides free support for pregnant women who have a history of substance abuse and/or are HIV infected. Public Health Nurses help them get access to health services and pediatric care during their pregnancy and through the first six to twelve months of the child’s life. They provide case management for education, coordination of care, and referral to resources so mothers will have healthy drug-free deliveries and a positive developmental environment for the infant.

Goals of the Program

  • To ensure access to and maintain prenatal care and family health care
  • To access and maintain enrollment in drug and alcohol treatment
  • To educate and assist in accessing a method of family planning
  • To assist client in meeting her basic needs photo: pregnant woman
  • To follow infant for 6 months to 1 year to support bonding, ensure immunizations are up to date, assess growth and development and refer when delays assessed

Types of Services Provided

  • In home health and psycho-social assessment
  • Coordination of referrals and appointments to prenatal care and Medical
  • Referral to Alcohol and Drug treatment programs
  • Referral and resource development for pediatric care and family planning
  • Resources and referral to housing, transportation and other social/economical needs. Limited transportation and bus passes available for medical appointments
  • Prenatal and postpartum care teaching
  • Clients and families follow-up through pregnancies up to 12 months after deliver


  • Pregnant women with current use or history of substance abuse
  • Pregnant women with HIV infection
  • Parenting women with histories of substance abuse or HIV infection who have infants less than one year old

Who Can Refer

  • Prenatal care providers, hospitals, social workers
  • Treatment programs and other case managers
  • Family members/friends/self referral

If you know a pregnant woman with a history of substance abuse and/or HIV infection, please refer her for free Public Health Nursing services.

How to Refer Someone for Services

Contact us at (714) 834-7900.



Perinatal and Infant Assessment and Coordination Team Referral Form

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