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Perinatal and Infant Assessment and Coordination Team (PACT)

Program Description

We are a Public Health Nurse visitation program for prenatal and parenting women, focused on women who have substance use disorder and/or HIV infection. The program also provides nurse visits to Medically High-Risk Newborns (MHRN). 


Program Goals

  • To address pregnancy concerns 
  • To educate about managing health conditions 
  • To assist with health, emotional, alcohol, or substance use concerns 
  • To provide health education for mothers and babies photo: pregnant woman
  • To educate about growth and developmental concerns 
  • To coordinate care and case management for mothers and Medically High-Risk Newborns 
  • To access community services 


Types of Services Provided

  • In-home health and psycho-social assessment 
  • Coordination of referrals and appointments to prenatal care and Medical 
  • Referral to Alcohol and Drug treatment programs 
  • Referral and resource development for pediatric care and family planning 
  • Resources and referral to housing, transportation, and other social/economic needs. Limited transportation and bus passes are available for medical appointments 
  • Prenatal and postpartum care teaching 
  • Clients and family follow-up throughout pregnancy up to 12 months after delivery 



  • Pregnant women with current use or history of substance abuse 
  • Pregnant women with HIV infection 
  • Parenting women with histories of substance abuse or HIV infection who have infants less than one-year-old 


Who Can Refer

  • Prenatal care providers, hospitals, social workers 
  • Treatment programs and other case managers 
  • Family members/friends/self-referral 

If you know a pregnant woman with a history of substance abuse and/or HIV infection, please refer her for free Public Health Nursing services.


How to Refer Someone for Services

Contact us at (714) 834-7900.




Perinatal and Infant Assessment and Coordination Team Referral Form

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Form# F346-775 

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