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Adult Correctional Health Services

Medical Services

Adult Correctional Health Services (ACHS) provides medical, dental, nursing, infection control, health education and pharmaceutical services at a community standard of care to all adult inmates in the County's correctional facilities and contracts with hospitals for inpatient and specialty care.

Mental Health Services

ACHS provides mental health services to inmates with mental illness in the County's five correctional facilities. ACHS places primary emphasis on the stabilization of severe mental disorders, suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Inmates are viewed in a holistic fashion with careful attention to the possible influence of physical problems on the inmate's psychiatric condition. The ACHS Team recognizes the importance of linking inmates to treatment resources after release from jail.

What We Do

ACHS provides a wide range of psychiatric and crisis intervention services to the inmates in the Orange County Jail System:

  • Evaluation/assessment of all inmates referred during the triage process
  • Crisis intervention to ameliorate symptoms of psychiatric/psychological decompensation
  • Medication evaluation and prescription of psychotropic medication where indicated
  • Collateral contacts with Sheriff's Department, criminal justice system, mental health professionals, families, and friends for the purpose of effective continuing care during incarceration
  • Group therapy
  • Care coordination services for linkage, referral to community mental health services and discharge planning for post custody treatment service
  • Coordination with long term care for psychiatric hospitalization as appropriate

Contact Us

If a family member or friend is in custody at an Orange County jail facility, and you are uncertain whether we are aware of an important mental health condition, please contact ACHS administration at 714-647-4164 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If this is an urgent after-hours matter, please contact the ACHS triage desk at 714-647-6092.