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CAHAN - Increased Hepatitis A Cases Associated with Homelessness, Drug Use in San Diego County

Twenty-eight acute hepatitis A virus (HAV) infections have been confirmed in San Diego County residents with symptom onset between January 10, 2023, and May 4, 2023. Ages of the cases ranged from 29–67 years (median=45). Twenty-two cases (79%) have been hospitalized and one death has occurred. Eighteen of the 28 cases (64%) are persons experiencing homelessness (PEH), and 14 cases (50%) reported illicit drug use. Only 4 (14%) patients reported travel outside of the county. No common food, beverage, or drug sources have yet been identified. Case investigations are ongoing and epidemiologic curve and case numbers are updated weekly on the County of San Diego’s website.

Orange County has not seen an increase in HAV cases so far in 2023 and have not identified any cases related to the San Diego event. Hepatitis A is reportable in Orange County within one (1) working day of identification. To report a case, health care providers/facilities should call OCHCA Communicable Disease Control Division at 714-834-8180 or fax records to 714-560-4050. More info...