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ALO Frequently Asked Questions

Unless clearly specified differently by the court, you will have 28 days to enroll into your program. Keep in mind that there will probably be a wait time between your first contact with the provider and their first available appointment. Schedule early to make sure you don’t miss your enrollment deadline.

No. Only the Court can grant you an extension.

Calling is not enough. The ALO will need to receive proof of completion from the program provider. While you can go to the ALO to turn in your proof of completion, the staff will still confirm your completion with the provider prior to reporting it to the court.

No. The ALO can help you find an out of County DUI program and will issue and submit the referral for you. However, it is up to you to ensure that the out of County provider confirms your program enrollment AND completion with the Court and/or with the ALO.

No. Only the Court can confirm with you if they will accept an out of State program as equivalent. The ALO can help you find a DUI program provider in any State, and they will issue you a referral. However, the ALO cannot determine if this program will be accepted by the Court. Keep in mind that most States have milder penalties for DUI than California does. It is in your best interest to confirm with the Court and with the provider if the out of State program will be accepted in your case.

No. The ALO cannot provide you with any advice regarding the DMV. If you have questions about your license, it is in your best interest to contact the DMV directly.

No. The ALO can help you find a DUI program and will report your completion to the Court. This is usually one of the requirements to reinstate your driving privilege; however, the ALO do not have any involvement with your driver’s license status.

The ALO can provide you the phone number for the Authority and Quality Improvement Services complaint line, but they will not resolve the complaint for you. The phone number to file a complaint about an Orange County DUI program is (714) 834-5601. Please note that this line does not provide access to the Court and cannot be used for Court matters.

All languages are spoken at the ALO. Staff are bilingual in many of the County’s more common languages. However, if a customer who speaks another language is in need of service, the ALO can assist him or her through a multi-lingual language line available at the ALO.

The Court will sometimes order a defendant to return to show proof of completion. If this is the case, it is in your best interest to follow the Court’s order. If you are attending an Orange County DUI program, the ALO will also obtain proof of enrollment directly from the provider and will follow up with your referred provider to ensure proper reporting. If you are attending an out of County or out of State provider, then you are strongly encouraged to follow up with the provider directly to ensure proof is submitted. While the ALO always attempts to obtain proof for out of County and out of State providers, this is not always received.

No. You can only enroll into 1 DUI provider at a time. Each provider has slightly different curricula and licenses, and it would be impossible to match your credit from two simultaneous programs and merge them into credit for 1 program.

If you are given the usual 28 days to enroll into a program but will be going to jail after that, you still need to enroll into the program before you go to jail in order to comply with the Court’s order. In this situation, DUI programs will place you on an approved “Leave of Absence” once you report to jail, and your program time will be suspended until you return. There is no penalty to you for this. If you are sentenced to jail time before the 28 days enrollment deadline, then your deadline to enroll will typically be extended to account for the time you will be incarcerated. The ALO staff can help you calculate your exact dates.