2018 SWMHE



Welcome to the 2018
Orange County Statewide Medical and Health Exercise

November 15th 2018

This program is designed to help healthcare, public health agencies, and their partners exercise their response to unusual health events that may challenge their facilities, personnel, and impact the communities they serve.


Important Changes to SWMHE 2018 Conference Line



The controller evaluator meetings will be provided for two groups. Anyone can attend either group. The Beginners group will spend more time providing detail on C/E while the Advanced/Intermediate group will move a little faster.

Advanced/Intermediate C/E Meeting – November 8th , 1300 – 1400
Location OC Global Medical Center Bash Auditorium

Beginners C/E Meeting – November 8th, 1500 – 1700
Location OC Global Medical Center Bash Auditorium



Orange County 2018 SWMHE Document Library

Access all facility documents by selecting from the following: 
Documents Updated 10/31/2018!


To Access your facility specific documents, select from the following:


Hospital Exercise Evaluation Guide
Hospital Objectives

Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities

LTCF & SNF Exercise Evaluation Guide
LTCF & SNF Objectives


Ambulance Exercise Evaluation Guide
Ambulance Objectives

Clinics, Dialysis & Surgical Centers (CDSC)

CDSC Exercise Evaluation Guide
CDSC Objectives

Hospice & Home Health

Hospice & Home Health Exercise Evaluation Guide
Hospice & Home Health Objectives